Travelling Cube
Video installation
Berlin, Germany

Mobility is relatively still. We move with this planet every moment without realizing it. There’s neither absolute mobility, nor stillness. They chase each other in a circle that never ends. Stillness is just comparatively related to the ground we step on. Sometimes mobility is just a feeling inside of peoples sub-consciousness and the psychological reaction from peoples vision.
The idea is to show a sort of relative mobility of physical space in the white cube. I created a video while traveling in Berlin by the public transportation (U-bahn/S-bahn/Bus). The video consists of two parts-daytime version and night version; they are projected alternately onto the window of the white cube according to the time of day or night.
For me, it’s a way of showing sense of mobility for the viewers. While travelling with this cube, people would realize that it is also an exploration of the relationship between themselves and the city of Berlin. At the same time, this work brings the question of how to define the board of inside and outside, for it inducts the perspective of outside into a conventional gallery space and creates another dimension between these two spheres.