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Travelling Cube
Video installation
Berlin, Germany

Mobility is relatively still. We move with this planet every moment without realizing it. There’s neither absolute mobility, nor stillness. They chase each other in a circle that never ends. Stillness is just comparatively related to the ground we step on. Sometimes mobility is just a feeling inside of peoples sub-consciousness and the psychological reaction from peoples vision.
The idea is to show a sort of relative mobility of physical space in the white cube. I created a video while traveling in Berlin by the public transportation (U-bahn/S-bahn/Bus). The video consists of two parts-daytime version and night version; they are projected alternately onto the window of the white cube according to the time of day or night.
For me, it’s a way of showing sense of mobility for the viewers. While travelling with this cube, people would realize that it is also an exploration of the relationship between themselves and the city of Berlin. At the same time, this work brings the question of how to define the board of inside and outside, for it inducts the perspective of outside into a conventional gallery space and creates another dimension between these two spheres.

Over-seas / Cultural Possession
Outdoor installation
Kardamili, Greece

Both Greece and China have ancient cultures and long traditions. Legends and Myths are the heritage of ancient culture; they are possessions of the descendants. Heroes and immortals symbolize the spirit of nation and culture; they were passed down, from generation to generation, through language, writing and drawings.
Standing on the seaside of Kardamili, I’m amazed by the calm and pure blue; I wonder if the Greek myths and legends are created by this natural miracle itself. In this work, I decided to put a Chinese and a Greek legend on both sides of an old door and left the door on the seashore of Kardamili. The scene creates a path linking the western and eastern mythology. At the same time, they are facing towards the orientations they belong to respectively.

Field of Confusion

Plastic straws
Schöppingen, Germany

Tree of Love

Plastic straws
Schöppingen, Germany

Wachsende Plastik / Growing Plastic
Eröffnung: Samstag 24.11.2012 um 19 Uhr
Ort: Galerie Fotoscheune
Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, Feuerstiege 6, 48624 Schöppingen
Dauer: 25.11.2012 – 30.04.2013
(geöffnet zu den üblichen Bürozeiten der Stiftung: Mo-Do 9-2 u. 14-15:30 sowie Fr 9-12 Uhr)

Growing Plastic is an exhibition from current resident Xinglang Guo from Künstlerdorf Schöppingen. During her stay of two months, Xinglang has particularly concentrated on artworks that are based on her personal impressions and experience of Schöppingen. She interprets the landscape into abstract and expressional visual composition with plastic straws which she found in a local market. The structure of the artwork reflects time and space referring to the essence of nature–circulating and ever-changing.

Wachsende Plastik nennt sich eine Ausstellung der aktuellen Stipendiatin Xinglang Guo im Künstlerdorf Schöppingen. Während ihres Stipendienaufenthalts hat sich Xinglang besonders intensiv mit künstlerischen Themen beschäftigt, die auf ihrer persönlichen Auseinandersetzung und ihren eigenen Erfahrungen mit Schöppingen als Inspiration basieren. Sie interpretiert die Schöppinger Landschaft als abstrakte und sehr aussagestarke Komposition aus bunten Plastikstrohhalmen, die sie in großen Mengen direct im Ort erwerben konnte. Die gesamte Struktur des Kunstwerkes reflektiert Zeit und Raum als Bezugsgrößen des Wesens der Natur – immer in Bewegung und immer im Wandel.