strahlen. emits.
Site-specific Installation
Berlin, Germany

In the center of the room, there’s an energy hole. It sucks everything in and turns the room into a field of isolation. Thus, the room itself exists as an isolated cosmos that emits new energy. The rays of energy collide, merge, ramble, expand and emit, recklessly and aimlessly.

< Explode > to create a scene with spatial thinking
< Expand > to stretch the possibility of restructuralising the natural power
< Explore > to recognize orders from chaos
< Capture > to keep the transient moment of movement

Strahlen. emits. is a site-specific installation created for WiE KULTUR Gallery in Berlin. Spending 2 weeks on the positioning and joining of a complex structure of over 2,000 plastic straws, Xinglang Guo has been fascinated by the meditative working state throughout the working process. She created her own power of universe by using fire as a medium to join each and every single straw together. The whole structure is designated to be a tangible form of the energy of nature: wind, light and heat. With the power of black light, the installation is transformed from a white-cube-bounded structure into a boundless and lifted cosmos that approaching the viewer, silently but recklessly.